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Expanding our outreach policy for a more professional contractor-client mutual engagement, Mazen Sayyed Engineering Company (M.S.E.C) presents its highly-informative website for future contracts and business with the most interested category of our clients. You are welcome to contact us, survey the company's past and current projects and freely submit offers on the Current Projects page.

Mazen Sayyed Engineering Company (M.S.E.C) is classified as a first-degree consulting company according to the standards of the Ministry of Public Works in the Lebanese Republic. The company features a professional staff of talented senior and junior structural engineers currently working in the firm.

Latest News

• Al Sharq University (Structural Design) location: Tripoli, North Lebanon

Al Sharq University first building block with total area 2640 m2

• EKO Towers (Structural Design) location: Nigeria

1st building with 25 story building with Total area 1604m2

• Al Bayader School (Structural Design + management) location: Beirut, Lebanon

Al Bayader School - 2nd School building - structure design and management supervision

Work Fields

Project Setup & Feasibility Studies:

• Analysis of Investment Strategies • Site Selection and Analysis • Legal Support and Statutory Reviews • Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies

Architecture & Engineering Design Services:

• Architecture Design • Structural Engineering • Electro-Mechanical Engineering • Feasibility and Economic Studies • Value Engineering • Quantity Surveying

Construction Supervision Services:

• Contract Administration • Constructability Reviews • Construction Quality Control - Materials and Workmanship • Cost and Progress Control

Program & Project Management Services

• Project Management • Contract Administration • Design Management • Client Representation Services • Cost and Progress Control

Mazen Sayyed Profile

Mazen Sayyed is a senior Civil Engineer and has worked in Suidan and Associated till 1986 when he became the main partner and head of structural department at Mazen Sayyed Engineering Company that has classified as a first degree consulting company at the ministry of public works in the Lebanese Republic. Mazen Sayyed has acquired extensive experience since his graduation in 1979 from the American University of Beirut in the design of reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete and steel structure, and also in construction management.

He worked on many project including: Burj Saqr (Ras Al Khaimeh, U.A.E), Congo Hotel (Kinshasa, Congo), Ghana Ambassador (Akra, Ghana), Al Nahda Tower (Sharjah, U.A.E), Jabal Al Kaaba Hotel (Makkah, K.S.A), Royal Plaza Hotel (Rouche, Beirut), Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center BIEL (Beirut), Las Salinass Recreation Center (Anfeh, Lebanon), Madena Second Ring Road Bridges (K.S.A), Diamond Tower ( Jeddah, K.S.A), and many other projects in Lebanon and Arab & African countries.

Executive insight

This is a rough map you could use to reach our office in Beirut, Lebanon.


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Burj Sakr U.A.E.
Mathaf- 4148- Beirut.
Verdun Hights- Beirut.
EKO Tower Nigeria.
Koronfol Tower- Beirut.
Congo Hotel- Congo.
Golden Beach Resort- U.A.E.
Mujan Islands- U.A.E.

Current Projects

Here is a list of projects we are working on now, If you want our old projects visit this page In this page you can submit an offer for any project you want. We will recieve your offer and reply as soon as possible.